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My Reward Program

Pam's Stamping Bucks

A creative rewards program for everyone!

Earn Stamping Bucks on every purchase*

No Order Tracking

Why should YOU have to keep track of your purchases to get rewards? I tally up your total sales and send you the Stamping Bucks.

No Need to Rush!

Pam's Stamping Bucks are valid for two years. That gives you plenty of time to collect and redeem great products with me.

Easy to Redeem

A simple to use online form makes redeeming rewards so easy. Securely submit the most essential information.

Gift Bucks to Friends

Gifting Stamping Bucks to friends is insanely simple. Just fill out the Transfer Form and then they can redeem the Stamping Bucks instead.

Redemption Options

Stamp Session

30 Stamping Bucks

Life is short, so let's stamp together! Meet me online for a private stamp session.

Stampin' Up! Products

Minimum 40 Stamping Bucks

Redeem at least 40 Bucks for awesome products from Stampin' Up!

You can redeem your Stamping Bucks by filling out and submitting the Rewards Redemption form.


What are Pam’s Stamping Bucks?

It’s my way of saying thank you to my loyal shoppers who frequently shop with me.

How do I earn Stamp Bucks?

For every $10.00 you spend with me during a month you receive one Stamp Buck. The minimum monthly purchase amount must be $40.00*. Shipping, handling, and taxes are excluded from order totals.

Orders up to $150 (total before shipping and tax) MUST include my exclusive host code in their order to earn Stamping Bucks. No exceptions!

The current Host Code is: FWXMRPPT

Are any purchases ineligble for Stamping Bucks?

Yes. All Paper Pumpkin purchases are not eligible for Stamping Bucks.

I made purchases from you in the past using the Host Code. Can I get Stamping Bucks for my old orders?

No. Stamping Bucks can only be earned on eligible orders starting Jan. 1, 2021. Orders placed before this date are not eligible.

How are Stamp Bucks delivered?

Stamping Bucks will be sent to you by mail the following month. For example, Stamping Bucks earned in February will be sent to you in March.

How long are Stamp Bucks valid?

Stamp Bucks are valid two years. The expiration of the Stamp Bucks is indicated on the Bucks themselves. No need to track them on your own! But please remember, you are responsible for keeping your Stamp Bucks in a safe place.

How can I redeem my Stamp Bucks?

You can redeem your Stamp Bucks by using an online form, please click HERE to access it.

Is there a minimum amount of Stamp Bucks I need to have before redeeming?

That depends on what you want to redeem your Stamping Bucks for! If you want physical product, then you have to redeem at least 40 Stamping Bucks at once, which are valid to purchase 40 US Dollars worth of material, excluding shipping, handling, and taxes. I pay them for you!. If you want a session with Pam then at least 30 Stamping Bucks are needed.

Can I combine Stamping Bucks with cash or credit card to complete an order?

No. Combining cash or credit card with Pam's Stamping Bucks to order product is not possible.

Can I trade in my Stampin' Bucks for cash?

No. Stampin' Bucks cannot be traded for cash.

Current Host Code


Only use the code for orders under $150.00

Click here for a full explanation!

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